Beginnings…… again

I’m never been one to look at the instructions.

I jump straight in, and learn as I go along…..foolhardy maybe, foolish probably.

A very tame display of civil disobedience. A kind person would draw links with  flying on the giant trapeze, unencumbered by ropes or nets; or being blown gypsy- free by  French mistral winds  like Juliette Binoche in Chocolat.

It’s like when I’m driving someplace new…… I don’t set the GPS first  That degree of forward planning sucks the spontaneity from the moment, it wipes exhilaration from the adventure.  Where is the challenge of navigating with ones wits?  Surviving with raw courage?  Tapping into ones primeval instincts?

Full disclosure..  I am not sure how my GPS works. Never actually took the time to read the instructions…….

So I guess it’s not totally surprising that I have ventured into this blogging experience….published 5 or so posts with nary an inkling of what I was doing??

I’ve been getting by with a little help from my friends, to quote a certain Beatle: one friend in particular of an younger generation, who whilst equally discarding of ‘how to’ sources, has an internal compass much more in sync with things technological .

But like so many things in this world, it appears that there is a direct correlation between effort in input and satisfaction in the output.  And maybe it would be handy to get up to speed on a few basics….like what a tag is…….. when it’s not hanging off a dress you want to buy, and how to play nicely with other likeminded bloggers

So off to Blogging university I go.

This is the first task in an introductory course I’m doing, looking at the basics ….a post about who I am, what I’m doing and why…..let’s start with what I know.

I am a wife and a mother and a daughter and a friend ….

My ambitions earlier on in life were once much more flamboyant than they are now. Life experiences are very effective in shaping priorities,  serving as a distillation for the essence of what is truly important.

But while I’ve no qualms about my overall purpose, I …and I’m sure I’m not the only one here, swing wildly to and fro when it comes to deciding how to best fill in some of the gaps. And this author’s not getting any younger.

Im in awe of young people who know their passion and are not distracted by infinite other possibilities.

Would Michaelangelo have finished his ceiling if he was secretly thinking about an alternate profession as a pro golfer ?

Would Mozart have completed his first composition at the age of five if he was taking drama lessons on the side?

My friends would sagely describe my pondering as a mid life crisis.  Self indulgent, so I’ll deny it, and maybe more close to the truth than I want to admit.

But if life is like a restaurant meal, then by the time I reach the end of the line ….you know, that line…..I want to have picked from the menu and experienced it fully   Not still be skulking around the all- you -can – eat salad bar.

So this blog is an attempt to link a fairly diverse range of interests or passions or obsessions, depending on the day of the week, and find for them a place where they can coexist comfortably together   No jostling for first place, just a peaceful nestling in together, providing a framework to hang up all hotchpotch crazy things I am drawn to. My blog offers them a common theme …… that simple, and oftentimes old fashioned pastimes can nourish the soul and bring some harmony to an otherwise sometimes fast paced anxious world. I’m talking of crafts like knitting and crochet, spinning, …gardening….cooking….music…..reading….and writing!

My Dad was a writer. He, and I both find it easier to express thoughts on paper . It’s a truer representation of self. Somehow the words are more robust there….more resilient to misinterpretation, able to be chosen more carefully and sensitively than when they all just tumble out in conversation, irretrievable. I like writing . ….wouldn’t mind being a writer when I grow up…..

When my baby girl turned twenty one, I played her a song that was rich in wisdom for creating a life well lived. Sung by Lee Ann Womack, I Hope You Dance is about humility, resisiliance, spirituality, hope but most of all having the courage to embrace the opportunities as they arrive

when you get the chance, to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance….” 


i guess I don’t mind if people are watching me dance, or not

…….although in all things, it is the sharing that enriches the experience

And I hope I might eventually have a following of readers for my blog…..i just hope I will always have something to say









4 Thoughts

    1. You write very well. You definitely have a great ‘voice’ and I believe you should try your hand at nonfiction. Go for it!! I’ll pass the baton of challenge on to you.
      You see there’s a reason we’ve reconnected after thirty years!! x

      Liked by 1 person

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