Celtic dancer slippers

It’s nice to feel ahead of the game. i saw that wonderful light that comes with Autumn afternoons yesterday. Not brilliant and insistent. More a lovely glow, and clear and soft. Anticipation of crisp mornings and nighttime fires with whiskey. I already have twenty toes already set for chilly weather ahead and another ten in my sights, thanks to this pattern for Celtic Dancer Slippers, by Drops Design in’ ‘Nepal’ And yes, it is 35% alpaca.


Pattern here: https://www.garnstudio.com/pattern.php?id=6652&cid=17#pattern_content

A word or two about the recipients of these little woolly warmers…….

The First Lady has known me since the first day I walked into her dancing studio, all of five, pink tulle skirt, and ballet shoes, determined be like the little ballerina who turned oh so nicely to tinkly music when I opened my little jewellery box. For the next twenty years, her attention focussed a good deal on my feet…..in their various ballet positions, and shoes…..tap shoes, jazz shoes, pointe shoes…..so here’s something soft and cosy for her weary toes after all these years.

The second lady was a sewer. That’s another olde world past time worthy of inclusion into the pickup sticks club……the old Jane Austin, pre Industrial revolution form at least. The sewing I witnessed from my friend was always the more fast and furious variety….. pins flying, sewing machine a’smokin’ I remember her making a troupe of can can skirts, black with miles and miles of coloured frills underneath. Mine was orange….and took me from ‘vaudeville vignettes’ – my first ‘proper’ gig in the Cremorne theatre to the centre of the cycling velodrome at Brisbane’s 1982 Commonwealth games.
Where some nice young gentleman-stranger was overheard to remark that the girl in the orange skirt had great legs!
Did I mention my skirt was orange……
Good memories.

One more pair of Celtic dancer slippers and then I’m moving on.
These ones are for my mum…… you can’t do enough nice things for your mum. ❤

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