Why? ……why not, i guess

Is it necessary to be an expert to write a blog?

Have you noticed that the world seems to be an increasingly jam packed platform for self proclaimed experts …..asserting…or assaulting with opinions?

And here I am starting the first line of my blog with a question.
No expert here – full disclosure.
Just a girl, standing in front of a boy……ah Julia Roberts…….she gets all the good lines.
Maybe Something a little more original …
Just a girl, with a theory, be it ever so humble to offer to anyone willing to consider it.

That life and inner peace might just be a little more likely to coincide if we were to embrace a few more of the simple and ancient things. There’s another vague Notting Hill reference in there I think … Hugh Grant maybe. Why are crows feet downright endearing on a man but on a woman they just look old???? One of life’s injustices. But I’m digressing.

Why sticks?
More questions. There seems to be a trend developing here.
Pickup sticks is a game dating hundreds of years.
From random disarray, we pick up the pieces with patience and thought. And a little skill
No great technological whizz bang or graphics to amaze.
And he with the greatest number of sticks at the end of the game wins.

Or the most yarn.
Yes, this is a blog about knitting …. and crocheting. And all things ancient and crafty. Sticks and string. Simple pleasures. I am no expert. My first real attempt was a crocheted bonnet and booties when I was expecting my baby. No one explained that American and English crocheters had come to an impasse regarding terminology. And so my bonnet turned out great if my child had a head the size of a mandarin. Did I mention I was no expert?

But there’s more.
Food, and cooking ….. Real stuff that’s in tune with body and seasons ……

Growing stuff …. observing and respecting the seasons, and the earth
Taking time, having patience. Finding the rhythm. Breathing.

Life is fast, chaotic.
This is my idea. I will muse about my findings as I explore this theory of simple past-times leading to happier existences.
Finding scaffolding for my soul……
Just simple and humble …. like a stick, I guess

If you like it, come for the ride. Enjoy!
If you don’t, well, you’ve seen the movie
You say it best when you say nothing at all …….

One last question …. why Notting Hill?
It’s nice.
Love prevails.
That will do.


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